Advisor Innovations Podcast: Tim Maurer on Personal Finance is More Personal Than Finance

Advisor Innovations Podcast: Tim Maurer on Personal Finance is More Personal Than Finance

Tim Maurer is a financial advisor and author who most recently took on the role of Chief Advisory Officer at SignatureFD. In this episode of the Advisor Innovations podcast, Maurer talks with David Armstrong about what, exactly, a Chief Advisory Officer does, and how he sees the lessons of life planning and qualitative financial advice being tactically implemented in advisor-client relationships. 

Tim  discusses:

  • Why he made the move to fast-growing RIA Signature FD after years at the larger Buckingham Wealth Management.
  • How he sees his role as a Chief Advisory Officer, and what it means to sit at the nexus between advisor development and the client experience. 
  • How he’s attempting to embed the lessons from behavioral finance and psychology into the relationship between clients and advisors. 
  • Why advisors who focus more on the qualitative side of financial planning, as opposed to the quantitative, are more successful.
  • How he makes a distinction between advisors as financial therapists, and financial coaches: Most advisors should follow the coaching model. 
  • What he’s learned from pioneers in the “life planning” field like Kinder Institute’s George Kinder and Money Quotient’s Carol Anderson
  • Most importantly, how the sometimes softer side of financial planning is being coded into advisory firm’s workflows and processes in a scalable, efficient way. 


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About Our Guest:

Tim Maurer is a speaker, blogger, author, and financial advisor. As Chief Advisory Officer at SignatureFD he serves as an industry leader to the media and an educator to both consumers and financial advisors. He is a regular contributor to CNBC, Forbes, Time/Money.

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