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Episode 3 – Tax-Based Financial Planning –– With Holistiplan’s Kevin Lozer

HolistiPlan’s planning software is an advisor-oriented tool that integrates a client’s tax return into their financial plan as a way to find more opportunities for “tax alpha.” The technology makes the tax analysis and planning process a scalable, structured procedure between advisors and their clients.

In this episode, David Armstrong, editor-in-chief of, speaks to HolistiPlan’s co-founder, Kevin Lozer about how he and his partner Roger Pine saw the need for the tool while running their own financial advisory firms; how they leveraged a small group of fellow advisors as beta testers and won an early XYPN fintech competition; and how they’ve expanded the software, and the team behind it, including bringing on board tax-planning guru Jeff Levine of Buckingham Wealth Partners as a tax-planning strategist.

You will learn:

  • How the idea for HolistiPlan came about
  • The big problem advisors have when it came to taxes and financial planning 
  • How winning the XYPN fintech competition put them on the map
  • How HolistiPlan keeps up with ever-evolving tax codes
  • The difference in software designed by advisors for advisors 
  • The future of the tax planning and software industry 

Resources: | LPL Financial | LPL – Advisor Innovation | David Armstrong | HolistiPlan | Kevin Lozer on LinkedIn | Roger Pine on LinkedIn | Jeff Levine on LinkedIn | XYPN FinTech Competition | NAPFA

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Episode 2 – The Evolution of LPL’s New Affiliation Models –– With Marc Cohen

In this episode, David Armstrong, editor in chief of, speaks with Marc Cohen, executive vice president of advisor business at LPL Financial in San Diego. 

David and Marc discuss how LPL Financial is enhancing the business to appeal to independent advisors, the expansion of their custodial platform and services for fee-only advisors, and the new affiliation models that challenge the notion of a traditional independent broker/dealer. 

You will learn:

  • Why Marc Cohen told his team they were retiring the term “independent broker dealer” to describe what they do.
  • The primary drivers that are shifting the way advisors do business and serve clients.
  • Why fee-only RIAs are increasingly finding a home at LPL Financial.
  • LPL’s new services around succession planning, business support and transition services.
  • LPL’s commitment to helping the independent advisor — not competing with them — in whichever business model the advisors’ choose.

Resources:| LPL Financial | Marc Cohen LinkedIn